Soul Journey

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The spiritual journey can feel like a climb up a beautiful mountain that we have admired from afar. It looks easy from a distance, but the closer we approach, the harder it appears, until we are on the rockface and struggling to find our way to the top. Our journey through Lent can be a similar experience. For six weeks from Ash Wednesday, through Holy Week to Easter Sunday, Lent is a season of spiritual quest - a challenge to ascend to higher things, to come closer to God. It is a journey of hope and faith that with every step we take, we can move closer to our best - our most fully human - selves. And for this, our soul's journey, we have a guide who calls himself the Way. Soul Journey is a day-by-day companion to help you find the Way, to be revitalised and to discover fresh horizons. Margaret Silf offers 40 daily meditations on passages from the Bible, and a reflection on the journey travelled so far for each Sunday. It has been written both for those who regularly undertake a Lenten study and for those for whom the season is not familiar. All are welcome on this journey - a journey not just for Lent, but for any time and season.