Failing from the Front

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If you have it all together but want to make minor tweaks to your leadership style, this book is not for you. If you have no flaws, no failures and no doubts about your purpose and calling, this book is definitely not for you. If you spend your life riding high on a wave of confidence, certainty and clarity then put this book down immediately and buy something else. Failing From The Front (& Other Lessons From The Lives Of Losers) is for the rest of us. It is for those of us who have no trouble believing in a God who is moving powerfully in our world … but struggle to believe that He could or should use us in His redeeming work. The Bible is filled with stories of God using the unlikely, the unfit and the unworthy to build His Kingdom. He has a habit of calling failures and fools. This is wonderful news for me because I am a loser. And it is wonderful news for you too because … well … you know why.
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