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Lend for Lent

Posted by Richard on

Lent is an important time of the year. A time to reflect, remember and repent. It's a time for many to abstain and fast as a way of remembering Christ's temptation in the wilderness. But this year, how about accepting the challenge of taking something on rather than giving something up?

Lent is a big time of the year for books. Many people take on the spiritual discipline of reading a particular appropriate or relevant book to help help them prepare spiritually as they journey with Christ from the Wilderness to the Cross and on to Resurrection. Yes I know, you're busy. You can just about find time in your day to pray or read the Bible. Or maybe you're studying, and reading enough books as it is! (I never said this challenge was going to be easy.) Or maybe on a more practical level, money is tight, and the last thing you want to do is buy more books. That's why this year, we want to lend you a book for Lent!

We have a fairly big and diverse pre-loved section of books. A lot of them focus on lent, or the cross and Easter, but any of them really would be appropriate to read. And there could very well be a book here by an author you've always wanted to read. So we want you to come in and borrow a book. But more importantly, we want you to read it. And then when you're done, bring it back! Or, if you really like it, or want to pass it on to someone else, then do it! But maybe you'd consider leaving back a different book of your own that you think others might be encouraged to read.

Lent starts on 1st March, but we're going to start lending to you from the 1st Feb, and it will run right through until the week after Easter, so that any books to bring back can be returned before 22nd April. Sadly this scheme doesn't apply to our new books, just our pre-loved ones. Maybe you'll love them too!