52 Faith Adventures

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52 Faith Adventures for Dads and Their Kids

The pandemic has helped many of us to rediscover simple opportunities to connect with our children and have fun, even when we’re restricted in where we can go and what we can do. After the challenges of this past year, Andy wants to resource families with simple, fun ideas, which will build faith and boost well-being in the year ahead.
As a busy dad of two daughters, he knows first-hand how it’s not always straight-forward to think of and plan such activities. That’s why he’s made it easy for us. He provides a wide range of ‘adventures’ and it’s not just for dads and father figures – carers, granddads, godparents, mums or any other intrepid adventurer will find plenty of ideas within the pages.

Whether parents and carers find it easy to engage in activities with their children or find it more of a challenge, Andy has designed adventures for indoors and out, ones that will take hours and those that can be done with only minutes to spare. And you don’t have to be an ‘Outward Bound’ type to enjoy them! But each of them is an opportunity to have fun, connect and explore faith together.

Andy Frost loves adventures –over the years he has run ultra-marathons, surfed bug waves and wing-walked at 12,000 feet. However, he believed that the greatest adventure in life is following Jesus. He is the Director of Share Jesus International, a popular speaker, and author of books including Raising Faith and Long Story Short. He also loves working with Care for the Family on The Kitchen Table Project. Andy is married to Jo and they have two young adventurers, Eloise and Tabitha.

Care for the Family

Paperback|160 pages|230mm x 62mm